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Slip & Falls

Landlords and business owners are often neglectful and irresponsible regarding maintaining a safe and hazard free environment. More than 8 million people visit to the E.R. due to slip and fall accident per year. Injuries resulting from these slip and fall accidents, can be both mentally and financially draining. These injuries can also lead to disability and emotional distress, all of which can result in significant costs and expenses.

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Slip and fall accidents are common occurrences in commercial spaces. These injuries are usually the most common causes of visits to the emergency room in the United States, and the victims typically have to foot the bill from their pockets. Nonetheless, this may not always be the case, especially when someone else’s negligence led to the conditions that caused the slip and fall. If you have incurred such an injury and believe you have a solid case, your best shot at winning is to consult a slip-and-fall attorney as soon as possible. DYK Law is exactly what you need.

Slip and fall lawsuits enable you to recover compensation for your injuries and hold negligent property owners accountable. DYK Law is an experienced and knowledgeable slip and fall lawyer ready to help and ensure that you have an increased chance of winning your case.

Statistics have shown that slip and falls do not always show their apparent effects, so you should not shrug them off while pursuing your claim for premises liability. Irrespective of whether you have apparent injuries, we believe that every client deserves to hold the liable party responsible for the accident.

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